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Only Image Remains 2014

Starting with her own memories of working as an actress on Abbas Kiarostami's Ten, filmmaker Roya Akbari proceeds to elicit other testimonies on the masters of Iranian cinema from three people who are themselves among the foremost Iranian directors: Rafi Pits on Parviz Kimiavi, Amin Naderi on Sohrab Shahdid Saless; and Bahram Beyzai on Arby Ovanessian. Beyzayi also analyses Haji Agha, The Cinema Actor 1933 by Ovanes Ohanian, considered the first feature film made in Iran.

Written by Chris Fujiwara, Former director of EIFF

The thirty minute experimental documentary is an evocative history of Iranian cinema told through a series of interviews with filmmakers in exile, many  conducted via Skype. The resulting work — rich with clips of rare pre-Revolutionary Iranian cinema classics — is a poetic discussion across generations of Iranian filmmakers.

Director, Producer & Screenwriter: Roya Akbari

Editors: Roya Akbari, Vlad Lunin

Sound: Reza Moghaddas

Special thanks: Amir Naderi, Bahram Beyzai, Raffi Pitts

Iran - Canada 2014 Farsi dialogue with English subtitles  Colour & BW  HD-Cam  30 min

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